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About Myrna Rae

Myrna’s History
For nearly forty years, Myrna Rae has worked with some of America’s most recognized and respected corporations. Her experience with numerous products across multiple industries has resulted in game changing innovations that have earned her a reputation as an innovator who knows how to get a product from concept to completion. With a reputation for creating unconventional solutions to common problems, Myrna approaches each challenge with a desire to create a long lasting, result that decreases costs and increases revenue.

Myrna Rae has a reputation as an innovator and she has the patents, Copyrights and Trademarks to prove it. With numerous intellectual properties to her name ranging from cookies and cakes to production processes in the plastics industry Myrna has an exceptional ability to look beyond the norm and see new opportunity. You can learn more about Myrna’s intellectual properties on the licensing page.


Myrna’s Accomplishments
In addition to the Memory Makers products, Myrna has worked across multiple industries on projects ranging from needlecrafts to plastic manufacturing processes over her career.  Here are a few highlights from Myrna’s career:

Ultimate Tailgate Party – Myrna is a female football fanatic and as always, sees things others never consider. In this instance, she created a line of patented and copyrighted football helmet shaped products – containers, bake ware, and actual food items. These products range from a linebacker sized one and a half pound helmet cookie and football helmet shaped pizzas – frozen and shelf stable to hot wings using Myrna’s special recipe and packaged in her patented football helmet containers. Released late last year, these products are making a name for themselves for their innovative designs as well as for the consumer demand they’re generating. New Ultimate Tailgate Party products are on the roster for the 2010 season.

Million Bear MiracleSusan G. Komen for the Cure: Breast Cancer Research, Education & Outreach. Myrna designed “Emily” and partnered with HSN to promote and sell the product direct to the consumer.

Created for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Featured on HSN.

Share Your Idea with Myrna
Myrna knows how difficult it can be to get a new product looked at, let alone in to the marketplace. That’s why she’s always happy to review new product ideas and discuss options for taking them forward. She also knows maintaining confidentiality is of paramount importance. Prior to submitting any ideas, concepts prototypes or drawings, Myrna requires a fully executed non-disclosure agreement to be in place between all parties involved. This helps protect everyone involved and helps to ensure new ideas have the greatest chance for success.  To begin the process of submitting a concept or idea to Myrna, Please visit the contact page. Please note, Myrna will not review any materials submitted to her unsolicited. By submitting materials unsolicited, you are waiving any right title or interest you may have.

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