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Award-Winning Creativity & Business Excellence

Specializing In

New Business Development Expertise

Serving Myrna Rae Brands Internally

And Multi-National Corporations Externally

Intellectual Property Design Development & Licensing

[Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks]

[Myrna Rae holds numerous very valuable copyrights, patents and trademarks]

Over 90 Highly Valuable URL’s

HereComesSantaClaus.Com UltimateTailgateParty.Com

Brand Development & Marketing Strategies

[Core, Essence, Nucleus and Voice]

For Both Product & Service Oriented Companies

*Highly Complex Projects*

Manufacturing/Fabrication, Retail Development/Marketing

Web Development & Social Media Marketing


Areas of Trade

Design, Illustration & Photography

Apparel, Food/Bakery – Recipe Development Thru Full Commercial Production,

Food Styling For Photography

Crafts - Chemicals, Inks & Dyes, Domestics,

Molds & Dies – Metal & Plastic,

Pet Products & Services,

Printing – All Categories – Commercial, Silk Screen & Sublimation,

Book & Magazine Publishing,

Sports, Travel/Hospitality, Toys/Children

My Clients

Sports, Beer/Liquor & Entertainment

National Football League

Paramount Pictures/Gulf Western Corporation - Star Trek The Motion Picture

Universal Studios (5 Contracts)

Universal Monsters

Battlestar Galactica

Smokey & The Bandit – I & II

Knight Rider

Elvis Presley Enterprises; Elvis Presley Estate

William Morris Agency – Entertainment Booking Agency

Warner Brothers – Tiny Toons

Anheuser Busch

Miller Brewing Company – 3 Major Contracts

Olympia Hamm’s

Joseph Schlitz



1)Kmart Corporation – Supplier of a variety of products over1 8 Years;

New product evaluation/placement

2)Sears Roebuck – Supplier of a variety of products; 1981 Harry Hoffman, buyer created a

‘Specialog’ (meaning a special catalogue to feature Myrna’s products – shipped 1,000 Budweiser Clydesdale Rugs/Wall Hanging latch hook kits PER WEEK FOR ONE ENTIRE YEAR (1984))

3)F. W. Woolworth & Woolco

4)Target/Dayton Hudson – Supplier of a variety of products;

5)Fabri Centers Of America/Joann Crafts & Cloth World – Supplier 8 years

6)Quaker Foods, Inc./Herrschner’s Craft Catalog – Supplier of needle craft kits 8 years

7)World of Arts & Crafts F.W. Woolworth

8)Rug Crafters, Inc.

9)Michael’s Arts & Crafts – Major supplier of craft products 12 years

10)Kroger, Inc. – bought 147,000 of Myrna Rae’s Football Helmet Shape Cookie-Cakes [Total amount sold to Kroger and other national Grocery Retailers and Distributors including the

Department of Defense in fall of 2011 was 180,000 in a seven (7) week period. Demand exceeded

the bakery’s ability to produce.]

11)HEButt Grocery, Texas – football helmet Chocolate Chip Cookie-Cakes

12)Department of Defense – football helmet shape cookie-cakes and pizza;

other specialty design cookie-cakes

13)Associated Wholesale Grocers

14)Associated Grocers (two different entities but with similar names)

15)Daymon World Wide/Topco and other major grocery retailers

16)Lipari Food Distributors

17)Numerous Others

Trade Organizations

HIA – Hobby Industry Association (1980 – 1984) NACS – Natl. Assoc. of College Stores

American International Toy Fair/TMA

FMI – Food Marketing Institute

LIMA – Licensing Industry Manufacturers Association Sports Licensing & Entertainment

NASFT – National Association of Specialty Foods

NACS – Natl. Assoc. of Convenience Store

AAP – Association of American Publishers

NBA – National Barbecue Association

ASI – Advertising Specialties Industry

International Fiery Foods Association

ACCI – Association of Craft & Creative Industries

American Pie Council

IDDBA – International Dairy, Deli & Bakery Association

PLMA – Private Label Manufacturers

NRGA – National Retail Grocers Association


1)Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) - Numerous Colleges/University Logos

(i. e. Ohio State, U of Iowa, Etc. 2007)

2)Licensing Resource Group - Numerous Colleges/University Logos (i.e. Texas A&M, Etc. 2007)

Collegiate Licensing Company - Pop Warner Youth Football (2007)

3)Paramount Pictures -Star Trek

4)Universal Studios/MCA Licensing – Battlestar Galactica,

Smokey And The Bandit I & II, Knight Rider, and The Universal Monsters

5)Elvis Presley Enterprises and Elvis Presley Estate – Needlecraft Designs; Other licensed products

6)Baggi Body Kennel Children’s Program

7)National Football Properties/League –Football Helmet Shape Die-cut Cookbooks

8)Anheuser Busch – Needlecraft: Budweiser Logo; Clydesdale

Myrna Rae’s Clydesdale Latch Hook Rug Design Broke 130 Year Industry Sales

[Developed the largest single selling design in the craft industry]

9)Miller Brewing Company [individually] and 2 Contracts [Needlecraft design, Bikini Calendar & Cooking Magazine]

10)Miller Brewing Company/Hamilton Projects, Inc. [Subsidiary of Spelling Entertainment]

‘Beer, Beans BBQ & Chiles Cooking Magazine’

[Myrna owns title and publication rights]

11)Olympia & Hamm’s Brewing – Bar Mates Needlecraft Design

12)Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company – Bar Mates Needlecraft Design

13)Greyhound Corporation/Armour Hand Craft Products/Bucilla & Sultana Mills [Licensee]

14)International Management Company (IMG)/Herschel Walker [Dallas Cowboys] – Special Project: Poster/Photography; Bought Herschel his first pair of blue jeans

15)Turner Broadcasting/Ted Turner [personally] Goodwill Games/Seattle Organizing Committee

16)Guardsman Inc. – 3 Years; Chemical Products; Multi-Million Dollar Contract

17)Mr. Frank Inn, Benji – No Specific Term; Special Project – Commissioned Portrait of Benji

18) Guardian Protection Products, Inc./California EPA

[Myrna worked with Criminal Division: Marci Katzen and Elizabeth Domagalski;

Shut down toxic chemical production by Guardian Protection Products]

19)Nestle USA – Chockful ‘O Chips, Cookies & Other Goodies

(Copyright Owned by Myrna Rae)

20)ACME Premium Supply – Myrna was Pattern Design Consultant for Manufacturing Plush Toys in Taiwan

21)Spartan Foods of America/Azalea Capital Partners/Linsalata Capital Partners 22)MaMa Rosa’s Pizza, Inc./Plaza Belmont – through Sale of Company to

Huntsman Gay Global Capital (Jon Huntsman and Jon Huntsman, Jr.)

23)Holiday Inn – Children’s mascot development project 1987/1988

24)Clear Lake Specialty Products (Cookies) –

Initial Licensee of Myrna’s Football Helmet Shape Cookie-Cakes


Heart To Heart – The Magazine For Marriage-Minded Professionals

reMODEL Magazine

Chockful ‘O Chips – Cookies & Other Goodies [Nestle USA]

All-American Homemaker –

Burgers & Fries & Apple Pie, All The Flavors That Make America Great

MARS Hospetality ‘Doggie Lifestyles’ Magazine [New Project]

Unique Projects

Showin’ Off Texas

Ultimate Tailgate Party


Timothy P. McQuiston/Lucky Taco, Inc. – Fox6Now, Milwaukee, WI

Savannah . . . My Destiny and 3 Subsequent Books Under This Title In Process of Completion

MARS Hospetality Hotels & Apartments; Magazine

Myrna Rae Brands

1)Krafty Kit’s Needle Craft Manufacturing/Colorado Design Consultants (1980 – 1987)

Broke 130-Year Old Industry Records For Sales In Specific Category

2)Showin’ Off Texas

3)Baggi Body Kennel – 4 Dogs In the Toy/Licensing Industry

4)Myrna Rae’s Memory Makers – 25 years – bakery products (1994 to current)

5)Beautiful You! Women’s Empowerment & Enhancement Expo [2000]

6)Junior Artist’s Guild Of America – 14 YEARS

7)Rocky The Mountain Lion

8)Ultimate Tailgate Party . Com –

Football Helmet Shape Cookie-Cakes & Pizzas (2005 to current)

9) Ultimate Tailgate Party Products – Football Helmet Shape Containers (2005 to current)

10)Football Frenzy Fundraisers Football Helmet Shape Cookie-Cakes (Youth, Collegiate and NFL)

11)International Specialty Publishing Company (1994 t0 current)

12)International Copyright, Patent & Trademark Licensing Corporation

13)Redheads Specialty Gourmet Bakery

14)Texas Longhorn Chili & Barbecue Factory (Hot Sauce Retailer) (1994 – 1995; 2018 - New)

15)Majestic Farms Foods & MOE the Rooster Icon

16)Hospetality Hotels, Travel, Etc. = Focusing on Family Travel with Pets

17)MARS Hospetality Doggie Lifestyles Magazine


Special Accomplishments

1)Broke 130-year industry Sales Record in craft industry for

innovative new product designs with her Bar Mates collection

of latch hook rug and wall hanging kits using licensed beer company logos

2)First to introduce sublimation heat transfers to the craft industry

3)Changed manufacturing methods of Latch hook Canvas

4)Developed new method of spinning liquid acrylic into yarn with

5)Developed “heat-set” cut method of cutting acrylic yarn to avoid unraveling;

Set industry bar THIRTY years ago and has not changed

6)Changed method of imprinting designs on fabric from silk screen to heat transfer printing

7)Silk screen – created the FIRST four-color print process for silk screen and

was the first to print in four-color process printing for the craft, domestics and apparel industries

8)Awarded a proclamation in 1994 by its Texas Democratic Governor Ann B. Richards for

Business and Educational program titled: Showin’ Off Texas. Southwestern Bell was one of the large contributors to this ‘for profit’ program designed and implemented by Myrna Rae. The

signed proclamation hangs in Myrna’s office.

“It’s not about whether I am a Democrat, Republican or an Independent,

but about showcasing business development and education in the Great State Of Texas.”

9)Myrna is a free-hand illustrator and was given a contract by Mr. Frank Inn, to create a portrait of Benji his famous dog. Mr. Inn loved the portrait and the darling story that went behind it.

10)Creator of Junior Artist’s Guild of America – taught commercial illustration and animation 14 years

11)Developed two special egg dying processes (copyrighted).

Special Recognition

Myrna worked with the Criminal Division of the California EPA – Marci Katzen and Elizabeth Domagalski – and shut down Guardian Protection Products, a chemical company that was producing a fabric protectant with outlawed DDT, a pesticide that the company was importing to the US – California

from BASF Canada division, where the pesticide use was at that time still allowed. She successfully

sued Guardian Protection Products, Inc. in Stanislaus California Superior Court. It was Myrna’s extensive knowledge of certain chemicals that made the litigation resolution possible and supported the California EPA’s criminal investigation and ultimate resolution in this matter with a national recall from furniture stores where it was sold as an ‘after-market’ item.

Special Note

In October 2012 I stopped all business to focus on my terminally ill husband; he died in October 2015. I did not resume business operations until 2018.





Special Documentation Regarding Each Project Is Available

Specific industry information, and a complete business bio with detailed, verifiable,

information including legal is also available



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